Major Summer Project

j & i have had quite a wonderful 5 long years and with those comes many many digital pictures. i’ve always wanted to do a scrapbook for J but somehow i always end up overwhelmed or sidetracked.

[ins] well here i am ‘sidetracking’. i was however able to sort by date from the older days. before lumix happened. i also noticed that it will take another 6 hours to clean it up… i have a tendency to not want to delete, even the blurry pictures. but i am happy that i kept them all.

it’s really nice to be able to look back and reminisce. true i may not need all of it, so i’m planning to create a book. but it takes a lot of time. i feel like i have pictures missing. it might be because of my ancient back up cd’s. i remember uploading them to my new bestfriend, LaCie, & there was quite a few that were giving me error messages. i also have to grab a bunch of 2007 pix from my old PC, the one that broke on me a couple of years ago, actually it was more like EOY ’07.

looking back i also realized that me & best have known each other for about 4 years by september. i saw the mink pictures of her 20’th bday. but that’s another long story. so much has gone on & i’m just glad to be happier now than i used to be. all the insecurities are gone, i feel confident on what i know now & what i’m about to embark in the near and distant future.

i love my life

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