When yourself is the Enemy

there’s always going to be a couple of people in your group of friends that you find irritating. Agree? Yes. I know. but it’s even more irritating when you try to be that voice in their head for them. if you are looking for someone to agree with your idea of a life, please share them to someone who actually sees life the same way you do. because honey, my love, so sweet… LIFE IS BITTERSWEET!

there’s a saying that if you put in the work and if you hang in there long enough things will work out. really & reality is that this only happens in the movies. a list is mandatory for these types of decisions. and then you pop the question “is it really worth all of this?“. man did i go through this question over and over again with J. but i did the homework and huaalla~ things just worked out. it’s some sort of law that some guys are just not worth the pain and suffering we put on to ourselves. hence this is when yourself becomes the enemy.

the thing is that friends are only there for 1 reason. TO AGREE TO DISAGREE. i want to hear my voice of reason out loud. & if you can’t handle it then yourself is the Enemy, not your friends. please note that i will not listen to all the bad things in your life & you on the other end of the line expects me to give you all the good shit in return. because reality is honey, if you are able to only share the “bads & uglies”, they are obviously overtaking all the good. turn signal starts blinking left, because nothing you said right now is right. you are however entitled to debate what i tell you. but honey wake up and smell the coffee, it’s better to get up and move on to the next best thing. we have doubts and insecurities but never ever let that take over your life or your judgement for that matter. keep your enemy self with yourself.

it’s hard to keep your mouth shut sometimes but listening to pure negativity makes me angry. do yourself a big favor & get over yourself, because your enemy just wants you to do something about it, before it takes your head off!

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