Being on both sides

Everyone there dreams of going here. To be able to earn more money. To have luxury. Little do they know that luxury = hard work and perseverance, mostly debt. To have the finer things means to sacrifice time. To have a roof on your head means to sacrifice the so-called luxury. I haven’t mastered saving myself, cause I’m still at a point to live in the moment. If only they knew how much harded it is to keep money in your pocket here. Where you crave for that time missed either for sacrifice or without choice, to sit around after a days work. To be around family all the time. To be rich in other things other than the worry to have enough to survive the next paycheck.

If only they knew that we are deprived of time. To have it all means no sleeping, no relaxing. My relaxing time means catching up in the subway, it means multitasking 3 tasks at once. How is it possible to live here without worries? By being smart. By being a stinge.

The only difference that screams different is the social classes. Here there is no discrimination. You can be the most broke ass mountain but have the finer things in life. But I guess this is just ignored back there. Your status is measured by the money you make.

Humbleness have stuck by me since I was aware. The things I own are owned by personality. I don’t own because I want the praises, I get praises because of who I am with the things I own. I am proud to say I can make things look like a million bucks. It’s not about the lemon it’s about the great things that we are able to make out of it.

I feel blessed to have the options, the opportunities and the obstacles that got me to where I am today. I would never trade this for anything!

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