Well Said/

there are millions of people in the world, and not all those people is an extra. they are all leads in their own stories.
– quote from synecdoche new york

LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS://drool Santiago Cabrera

“That’s the problem with life it’s nothing like the movies.”

So stop living our life like you’re in some kind of movie.
Stop casting your true love
instead of just meeting him.
– When i Meet him, i’ll know.
i’m not so sure. Love isn’t always a lightning bolt.
Maybe sometimes it’s just a choice.

–i don’t know that Pauolo’s the love of my life
but i’ve decided to give him the chance to be.

Maybe true love is a decision
A decision to take a chance with somebody.
To give love to somebody
without worrying if they’ll give anything back,
hurt you, or if they really are the one.
Maybe love isn’t soemthing that happens to you.
Maybe it’s something you have to choose.

You could start by putting all of those fantasies of true love where they belong:
into your work of fiction.

there is No movie moment; because they both discover that true love is a process NOT AN EVENT.

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