MAY ^^, Celebrations

the next two months will be my busiest time of the year. and of course i just wanted to vent.

right now i’m on dauph’s laptop in the car, on our way to square one. this weekend was about xtian’s 24th bday. chilling at timmies until 4a.m. then on top staying up until about 7am to download d’s songs. now we need to go eat, umm because we haven’t eaten all day. shitzu-chiuahua truffles, captured our hearts forever. this dog is insanely cute and something i’d consider buying, if ever i’m up for the responsibility.

next weekend is mother’s day sunday, casino party saturday. i have yet to buy J clothes to match my get-up. because it’s a rule to look hotter beside me. he’s my accessory, and i need to bling it up big time. hopefully, sauga drama is kept at shore and the night will be filled with pictures and one of the firsts that we’ll have a night to remember. then after a long night i’m assuming, it’s time to rush home to give mother dandelion’s. i think i will just print her a huge picture (that i will take of course, cause i’m awesome) and place it in a picture frame. sigh* so much to do.

work is progressing. i think it’s just going to get busier, now that my dailies are slowly creeping away. i feel like everything is unsettled but i know there are people at work that believes in me.

anyway, the last week of May, ate novie’s son Joseph is getting baptised and J is a ninong. but i think that friday i am going to my first bachelorette, keeping notes on what i should use for gie’s upcoming. that’s the first event, the other event that needs to be planned before leaving is camping.

but that’s going to happen in july. hopefully, no drama and people are good/behaved, not to self of course hehehe.

then there’s the packing for the philippines in between. i’ve already sorted my clothes so it’s all gravy. i need to buy a couple of shorts.

omg – did i mention i’m going to be on bootcamp. with my boss who is anal about being fit. i can’t wait. it should be a good start to aim for 26 to be my fittest. November is going to be officially my cut-off date. if i keep active everyday, it’s all gravy after that. no more fried stuff of course, other than weekends. maybe i should adapt the nutritionist notes too… gahh.

man this post is all over the place. it’s all good. i just wanted to vent. recap after next.

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