half brother

randomly I thought of him. The half brother I found out I had from my dad’s side. Ate is leaving next week to visit her kids back home…the cousin that connected me to my dad about 14 years in the past of all pasts. She’s the reason I found out about my half brother, now, she’s visiting re-connecting with everyone I’ve learned to shut out since my mom took me under her wing. Now that we let her into our lives it’s hard for me to ignore the fact that I DO have a so-called-father. The father that did nothing to keep in touch with me, regardless of what went down to create our broken family.

Now i’m in limbo, should I even present myself to this half-brother? Even though I hold a grudge towards our shared kin of a dad. I have no right really, but I do get curious about him. I want to know if he knows who I am and I wonder if he knows what I am to him.

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