Time is meaningless when you’re in love

wow talk about dragging out the inevitable, and of course they accelerated during the parts that I wanted more clarification. more defined chain of events. I curled my eayebrows from 45 mins til about 30 minutes before the movie ended and caught myself wanting more…

There’s something really out of the ordinary in this movie. I mean clichĂ© for the happy ending but I guess it was the realness of a relationship throughout 5 years of being apart. There’s also something about their outside relationships that I just want to yell out to some people. “there’s more to breaking up than just love…” seriously!!! But in the end just because the non-love reasons kept you together, you can never ignore the inevitable…Love is never just enough. We can’t ignore the fact that we’ve fallen out. We can force ourselves to stay in love without the heart, but it’s quite obvious it’s not worth it.

If you catch yourself saying: I can’t find any reason to stay…please let that person go!!!

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