last night i told J during a smoke, after dinner at Scartown that i plan to get married before i’m 30. technically i have 2 years to get my finance in check and improve my credit for the big purchases of marriage.

this also takes into account that we have about 5 years to save up for a mini wedding. well i’m not sure about it being mini because we have so many contacts and pretty much equal size family here in toronto.

so here’s the timeline, marriage at 30, conceive the same time 31 pop it out. sigh – by the time my kid is in college i’ll be 50. and at 45 i’ll think about being retired at 60 and of course at 45 this will be the cut-off for college funding for the children. Given i only have 1 kid. A boy and non-other, but if i do get a girl —it’s not like i have a choice.

Why 30 you ask? it’s the consensus and it’s when i picture myself being done with being 20. i picture 30 to be my new chapter. the chapter that i figured i’d have had my silly self figured out. until then -live.laugh.learn.love- all the fuckin’ way!!!

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