1 month & a bit l8tr

uurrgghh I was supposed to be good at this this year. It’s been very busy at work, and at the social standards.

After my last entry:
1. Boo’s 26th: wow we had quite a blast that night. Everyone that we wanted to come actually came. Man we were loud… So loud that my neighbour actually knocked to threat police involvement if we dont behave. It was pretty much the first party of the year. And it came with a bang!!
2. Niagara for our 5th year Anniversary of the first time we met, 4th year Officially and my favorite holiday; Vday celebrations with 4 other couple. Bought my mom a Coach bag ‘score’. Then spent about almost every weekend in Sauga after that.

I wish I could go online everyday but work’s been real busy. Such a short month and I’m behind on everything plus I got some sort of internal virus that got me sick for like 1 week before Niagara and it didn’t really go away after that. Lost my voice for about 5 days too. Maybe I’m just too overloaded and fatigued.

..more to come..

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