Week Two

so it’s only been 2 weeks.. right. so what was i complaining about last week. i must admit it has been a rough two weeks. maybe i can attempt a summary:

Finance: not soo well. i’m still broke after 1 week of being paid. first paycheque down the drain. i think i overspent on nothingness about 500x. lol. i did manage to fund J’s licence to go back to work which is a smart move because he was on the verge of getting fired. although i have no hard feelings about him being fired he figured it would be wise to have the change to quit or even have his security part time (which i have been telling him all along). i wish i had a chance to tell him, “i told you so“.

Friends: man i had quite a bit of requests to hang out this past week with the close few. i managed 3 out of 4. and what do you know the one who kinda needed me the most was the one i sorta neglected. not intentionally but it just so happened that her schedule did not match mine. not to mention that 2 weekends in a row, i managed to stay home and be a couch potato rather than go out. i’ve watched a list of movies and the list is still not done. i think i should definitely pace myself in that department.

Family: i haven’t seen them. or heard from them. i have stalked them on facebook but that’s just about it. i spent time with my mom on Friday to meet the family she babysits for and surely enough had quite an interesting evening. the lady is one of the most interesting woman i’ve met so far. key word: the walrus, photo editor. wow isn’t it a co-incidence that she kinda fits my obsession this year. everything happens for a reason, i live and breathe this quote

Love: well besides the fact that for a full 17 days, we’ve only been done once. and i pissed him off today. i do care but don’t at the same time. i just wanted to be left alone. although that was true all morning. idcare-i just wanted to not be bothered with his sweetness. weird i know. but it’s the new cynical self. i think i’m past all of that, and my expectations are at an all time low. don’t really know what else i could say on this topic. i don’t really see the point when i will eventually rant about love randomly all year.

Career: so this is a major this week. i’ve been in all sorts of meetings. everyone is being shifted elsewhere and nothing will ever be the same. new things to look forward to and the matter of fact is, census shows I AM an asset to the company. i can’t pinpoint exactly how i got there but i’m pretty psyched of what is ahead. more to come there.

all in all quite a productive week offline.

bartlett post: week 2

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