Not so good-of-a-start

o.m.g- i’m just as messed up as i was before 2010. i need to get my shit together. i have days where i feel lazy. lazy to even do a single thing. maybe i just set myself up for yet another FAIL year. i was doing so well 1 day and then 7 days later, i’m here trying to justify why i failed.

  1. bartlett post: days-wasted
  2. ate novs is craving for me to go visit my godchilds.
  3. carm is still not seeing my face.
  4. jane deserves some attention.
  5. ate ems/jlyn hasn’t been seen since last year.
  6. haven’t had that with J
  7. haven’t cooked a real dish
  8. haven’t done my quotes
  9. i used my dollar a days (iou $5)

what am i to do? i need to back track. but that’s what i love about january. you have about 3 weeks to get into routine. stick you damn routine stick-stick-stick! i do have somewhat of an excuse of what i have been pre-occupied with all week.

about love and friendship, maturity and immaturity. it is about fate and whether it only exists in movies. oh how i wish it exists in real life. it is also about hardships and growing up. the only lesson learned is to not be selfish and let that person you love go; let that person live their life, whether it means that you are only there to save them from the predicaments they find themselves in. it also teaches that you will find results when you persevere. hard work pays off. don’t deny your feelings. and love deeply even if the person you love will never return the same love you are giving. love is strong in shows. it’s best to give love and to receive it back is even better.

the blind side
about family. hardship that is real in some cases. it makes you appreciate what you currently have in life. don’t take things for granted once you have something good handed off to you. courage & honour; it’s best to have both. not everyone who gives you advice will know exactly what they are talking about, but it is up to you to decide whether or not you go towards that direction. it’s your life, learn what you want to reach within it!

tomorrow is another day.  i need to sleep now to be early and start off fresh.

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