2010 begins


i have quite the story for this years New Years celebration. so we ate, watched that MJ movie, a couple of Victoria Secret show, peewee hockey before we counted down to NYC’s ball dropping thing-a-majig. then i kissed J; beso-d everyone (most i didn’t even know names of) and then went back to the nook in the basement (pecked a bit more with J). then his cousin tells me we need to play bingo. big pot jackpot. whoever gets the full card filled wins. i grab 2 cards, 1 black the other 1 orange. i was a bit of a chatterbox because by then i’d had 3 smirnoffs and 1 shot of appleton. little did i know i was suddenly winning. heinz was calling out the numbers i wanted him to call. $27 won, i put back about $7 to cover mips (mostimportantplayers). then another game was announced kept the same exact cards, i wasn’t getting my numbers at first but then without notice i was down to my last # B5. a random number was called and the ball right after said B5, everyone hovering around the ball caller knew i won ‘again’. then the third game was free for all but we were only allowed 1 card to play with. i moved because i felt i was a bit of a distraction in he center of them all. they witnessed it all. but this time it was split. i was down to 2 numbers and he was down to 1. then i got my B and i noticed we were waiting for the same number. i only took the $5 i donated for the free game. A came to pick us up and they announce that whomever gets the first 4 corners get’s $5 dollars for the next game. i was down to my last number for the $5, and as soon as i rushed out, he called B1. everyone was laughing. i didn’t take the money and i tipped the #caller :). it was insane; i was super hyper by that time as we drove to pick up R.

had quite a few disagreements with J that night but i had a mental breakdown on the way home to tdot. the key word is literally. the argument was stupid but it just got me so frustrated, i broke down. my eyes are still hurting from the tears shed for that one and i’m sure i won’t live this down. but since i was on his good side because of the spontanee dejavu that morning, he’s not fully mad and was eventually understanding of the whole situation. i didn’t think he was going to handle our war but he managed.

now that celebrations are over, it is back to work. i need to concentrate cause i seem to have slacked off a while last month. it’s the weekend and i’m almost done the monthlies; he will be soon smothered by me. i’m not sure what type of weightloss regime i’m gonna go after but the rest is:

a quote a day
a dollar a day
a penny per cigarette.. maybe

52 places I love in the city
52 dishes I want to try to cook
12 books

equals 2010

progress and details will be posted on the side.
bartlett post: Bingo

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