23 is not that much different from 25

so i was just reading a couple buncha ’20 Something Bloggers’ and i just realized that 23 is not that much different from 25. i admit i am more refined now that i’m 25… why; cause i somehow scored a great F/T job with great individuals and enough challenge now than what i had at 23.

at 23 i was questioning what path i should take my diploma to. then i tried being a P/T hobo for about 5-6 months. then life changing discovery after applying to a very simple job (with lots of opportunity for growth)! it was cruise sailing until now. a year and a half later, i am proposed new challenges and career path development considerations start to simmer. here i am at 25 feeling like i was back at 23. should i do PM or AM? regardless, everything around me seems to move faster 2x than me. everyone else on the digital world make it look so easy. people i know act like they have everything effin’ figured out, i feel a little jaded just thinking about it.

there is a couple of things that didn’t change. my passion for this and that. the love i want to give (but somehow gets lost in all the hustle and bustle of this so called life_) and of course the values i’ve kept true to.

i do mind having gained about 20 pounds ever since. having to realize that me and J are now on totally different platforms (i really hope and pray that he catches up soon, or again is this practically a lost cause).  not being able to get my monthly financials straightened out (yes*still).

i really thought i was doing …better.

as my new-bound mentors preached heavily: i have a long way to go. there is no rush. there’s so much i have yet to learn and experience. don’t sweat the small stuff and when you do, think about the golf balls.

*it’s seriouslyy time to zzzzzz

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