fortune to the telling and free dinner

our sales team dinner/party was last week Thursday. the restaurant was behind honest ed’s. i should’ve gotten the pix from R. i’m kind of known now to be the photographer of the bunch. it’s good, i enjoy trying to capture the moments. i don’t however get to be in them. but i don’t really like being in the picture anymore. it just proves that i’m not comfortable in my own skin.

anyway at this place that we went to. there was a fortune teller. she was old. the ambiance of the place matched the niche. it was like a twighlight zone, i loved it. i’m not sure what century that place was, maybe 70’s or 80’s. it doesn’t matter, food was simple and amazing. i walked 3 blocks and i say it was worth the wait.

right before we left for karaoke 🙂 i borrowed money from R to get my cards read by the fortune teller. first point was that next year will be a gateway year for me. as in doors opening blah blah blah. i will be getting more money …things at work will be really good, promotion blah blah blah. everyone loves me at work (yes even the cards said it).

the next best thing was that all my trials and tribulations will end blah blah blah. then she mentions me getting married by autumn. ‘huwaaaaaaaht. i mention that’s not even in the works. but she did say that someone will take a chance on my boyfriend and he will get a good starting off job, good but she’s not sure why she’s getting the marriage cards, when personally i don’t even see those cards playing out. she adds that it might be a proposal. omg. we’ll see next autumn (:)) i have 2 theories on this deal:

  1. I/J win the lottery
  2. J wins ultra big in poker

the last but not least, is the fact that a close friend of mine who have been through trials and tribulations appreciates the fact that i was in their life. hmm, she also says that that person will have a new beginning next year.

crazy.stupid i know, but i live to tell the story and we shall see if the cards hold the truth. if yes, i will go back and if not then it was a crazy.stupid move to believe it anyway.

on another note, best had the greatest idea. every 1/2 a year so far (since we got back together) we’ve been having dates to talk about what we want, what we don’t have and what we are expecting. we overthink during our time together and it’s fun. but the fact that we both have a tendency to live by the moment in the moment. she suggested we get a book. a log book, someone to take minutes. that is very exciting.

i need to start on my NYrs reso. i set SMART goals …taking it one goal at a time.

Time is at the essence
*whatever that means

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