…holiday Blues


there’s just so many things during the holidays that really gets me down. mainly because i am not where i wanted to be. not that i knew where i wanted to be last year, i just talked a whole lot about doing this and that and not doing the action to actually achieve any of it.

there’s so many unresolved issues in my life. i’m not completely ashamed or terrified but it’s all just blah. how can can i get blah out of this so called life. it’s sooo effin’ easy to plan, not so much the execution. what is with all the distractions? can i just focus? how do i even do that. fcuk, i am screwed.

ever since i got this wordpress blog, it’s all about being better, wanting more -this-that- over there over here. when did it get so effin’ complicated? i used to blog about the day-to-day stuff. what now? are my day-to-days really that boring. there’s this other blogger that i’m amazed of, she did a project 365. well sure it’s just a creative outlet, but it’s still a good way to focus on 1 thing. maybe that’s the key. pick 3 things to change or to work on i should say (changing people isn’t easy, especially yourself)… what three things off of my list can i be S.M.A.R.T about?

brainstorming starts today.

15 days left til’ 2010!

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