time – a wrinkle of it

how many hours of the day do spend on yourself?

i crave,
i want,
i seize the moment wrinkled in time.

but it is just not possible. you get caught up in the moment. i over-want that time, that space in time, you don’t even realize that it passed you by. here’s how i see it. i tell *him not to be here, i try to start something insightful, i find something to be insightful about then i get distracted. the w.w.w is so massive that it takes so long for me to settle. i can’t believe how indecisive i have become. i used to know what i want. i used to be so sure on things, but somehow, in that wrinkle of the seconds i lost it. i lost that confidence. i lost myself.

this is supposed to help me. but i’m not helping it help myself. me-myself-and-i, is to blame & no one else.

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