Free Weekend

Let s recap shall we…October

Weekend 1: Miko’s bday..
Carms bday eating Friday
Drinking at my house
Clubbing at Frequency
Sunday moms

Weekend 2: Ate Emms bday
Philtys Friday just girls
Pre-drinking at my house
Haircut w/bangs
Clubbing at Embassy
Sunday moms

Weekend 3: Rhmonds bday
Surprise bday at Ces
Drunk talk
Law abiding Citizen
Dinner at Aristrocrat
Playing with the kids + ABSCBN

Weekend 4: Halloween + my bday
Go to ate novs for the kids
Trick or treating with Josh
Drinking + food
Lazy Sunday

Weekend 5: Adrians bday (vhins cuz)
Late night timmies
Early dinner at Pho Mi
The Fourth Kind
Work a bit

…the funny thing is still to come: check the list
1. Pacquio vs Cotto
2. New Moon
3. Wedding anniversary
4. Body works
5. Niagara
6. Christmas Shopping
7. Christmas
8. New Year
bbs 26
4-5 year anniversary
Before you know it, I’m 26.

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