7 days at twoFIVE

it's not 20, it's 2point0 of something! har~

Have you ever noticed that in each year gained, it seems as though you’ve lost an hour?

That is how I’m feeling…

I feel like I am missing 25 hours after 25 odd years. It’s sad because I want my 25 hours back. Days go by like there is no more tomorrow. I’m sure this is temporary but it is how I feel. I’m surrounded by an older crowd who seems to just go day by day. I wish I knew where I was heading but then I was told that things will fall into place with or without my consent.

How easy was it to have a purpose? For example in elementary you work on being noticed, you work on character. In highschool, it’s all academics and building foundation, finding who you trully are. College same thing but more defined…more profound. But now that all of those stages are done, you work some more on building character, trully creating the foundation for a future that we set for…

We begin by setting standards, likes & dislikes… Love & hate, we start to figure out that the clock starts ticking, we find a partner that will match with our standards and build new ones as they come along. We go through experience after experience, learn to live love laugh and learn some more.

At this time, quarter life crisis starts to emerge because we find ourselves lost and somehow everything just appears harder than you originally thought it would be.

I try to find time. I know I have a lot of time… I need to take it slow ~ I want to taste, hear, see and touch to make everything count. I want to be at the next stage with full force and be SURE of what I really want for stage. There’s a lot of goal setting that needs to take place. We take our alone time for granted and automatically think we are bored. We fill our days with mindless activities that doesn’t really help us in the long run.

I just really want my 25 hours back, today!

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