a brand new year

Monday will be no ordinary Monday…

pumpkin contest !WINnuzz!

Ok so my work has gone corporate. Starting Monday it will be a marking of a brand new year. Things haven’t been the same since the whole revamping of our processes. In my virginized point of view, having no work experience, I find changes a good thing. It makes things interesting and (key word) brand new. The mood elevation has been on complete rollercoaster but it was bound to be felt. I couldn’t believe that no one in the office actually dressed up for Hallowe’en this year. But I guess it was inevitable, especially when almost everyone is in a new team.

My work environment has definitely changed, not only due to the recession but also because of all the changes happening simultaniously. It can’t be helped i guess, because we as a company is moving up the charts.

Another big difference coming Monday is the fact that I am a YEAR older and wiser. (remeniscence will be posted on a latter date). I can’t say I’m happy to be getting older yet because I’m not fully where I want to be. There are still many outstanding dreams I need to make into reality.

I just wonder how different it would be come Monday. I just have to go through 2 day…a weekend to find out where my future lies, career wise~ and then a month to prove the inevitable… If only I can fast forward…….

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