a brand new year

Monday will be no ordinary Monday…

pumpkin contest !WINnuzz!

Ok so my work has gone corporate. Starting Monday it will be a marking of a brand new year. Things haven’t been the same since the whole revamping of our processes. In my virginized point of view, having no work experience, I find changes a good thing. It makes things interesting and (key word) brand new. The mood elevation has been on complete rollercoaster but it was bound to be felt. I couldn’t believe that no one in the office actually dressed up for Hallowe’en this year. But I guess it was inevitable, especially when almost everyone is in a new team.

My work environment has definitely changed, not only due to the recession but also because of all the changes happening simultaniously. It can’t be helped i guess, because we as a company is moving up the charts.

Another big difference coming Monday is the fact that I am a YEAR older and wiser. (remeniscence will be posted on a latter date). I can’t say I’m happy to be getting older yet because I’m not fully where I want to be. There are still many outstanding dreams I need to make into reality.

I just wonder how different it would be come Monday. I just have to go through 2 day…a weekend to find out where my future lies, career wise~ and then a month to prove the inevitable… If only I can fast forward…….

Love moves in mysterious ways

i have to admit, it’s weird hearing the words…especially at random times. Like a text or after a quick convo! I get the geebies just recalling those very recent times.

I thought it would never come but it was definitely worth the wait. Im 100% certain that he has known and was just waiting for the special moment to tell me. I am afterall stll a sucker for sweet thangs~

I finally got the iTunes to sync with my uploaded *free apps 🙂 oh how happy it makes me feel that my apps will never be deleted. I think this is it 2010 will definitely be better =) I can already feel it. But not too be so optimistic just in case it doesn’t pull through…sigh tomorrow will you be the present already!!

J + S

a new chapter – now branded

so it has finally happened. not exactly as i pictured it but at least it happened. i pushed and pulled and it made me melt when he finally said the three words, eight letters, 1 meaning “I Love You“. ang sarap palang pakinggan and now there’s no turning back. i know the words will not be said very often but i  know that once in a while, when it is shared, it will be magical each and everytime.

he’s the one. my very special one and only ONE

i dreamt of the day but never imagined what comes afterwards. good things do come to those who wait. everything seems to do what he said it should. it doesn’t promise that the craziness will stop but at least i know that at the end of the day, he loves me. he really does love me.

i can’t describe the feeling, it just is. i have conquered and prospered. i’m beyond happy, my insides are beyond my expectations and i know for a fact that he’s special. i’ve always known but was never able to put it into words. it just is what IT is. everything else can fall apart but i got my partner for life.

he’s loyal
mature and immature enough for my taste

beyond all odds. i love him for what he is and i’m glad and proud to be called his woman.