it stopped snowing

Listening to: Who am I to Say by Hope
Writing this @ work

so things have been going ok. he and i are in good terms for now. friends plan for a cruise in May. still want to getaway a lil. work is getting easier, no job security but it gives me comfort that i am making work a lil easier for these guys. i’ve left an impression they won’t be able to shake off 🙂

Although i can’t say that i’m at financial stability as of yet, i am stress-free for a while. it’s just smooth sailing for a while until birthdays and yearly marking hit. he is going back to school and i have to wait and see how he will fly off. things are definitely up in the air for what the future holds.

doesn’t mean that i can’t look forward to it ..2009 promises nothing but a better year and a free button to start over.

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