one step at a time

so last night, jane decided to just go to ate nov’s place for a fam gathering. jonalyn called a little after that to tell me that the option would be to still go out with edward’s cliques. after a whole day of shopping, i was rethinking going out during an “extreme cold weather alert”. so i didn’t. i went to plan b instead. since the bf probably read my appology, which states:

Sorry na lang
Between BF and U
January 2 at 11:50pm

I know I shouldn’t have sworn at you or hung up on you. It’s not your fault you and I can’t fulfill my need to have a getaway 😦 It’s not ur fault that I wish you could’ve done the things you did in 2008 with me. I should’ve done them myself without you. I planned to but I never followed through because I’ve always wanted to do those things with you.

I wish You had cellphone so could call you
I wish I had enough money for the both of us for getaway trips
I wish you thought of me before your friends or your family even once in a while

If only you felt the same way as me. If only you and I were who we were before, then maybe we wouldn’t be like this. This that I hate. I hate what we’ve become and I hope you and I can fix “this” for the new year. I wish I could also have fun without you just as you have been doing. I assume I can but it never fails to remind me that I can’t. No worries though it’s the things I have to live with and I need learn to live with whatever you can offer. I need to step back and accept you for you. It just hurts like crazy sometimes and I’m just a girl after all.

So yeah of course he calls after reading that. he’s a mushy sun-of-a-gon after all.
so finally he was able to get a hold of me while i was at the mall, and he claims to plan to sleepover because his work today would be awfully close from where i live.

so he became my plan b.

As the night went on, things kept pushing to plan b & he rushed as soon as he was done with laundry. We watched a couple of movies Seven Pounds and Zack and Miri Make a Porno …second one was waaayyy hillarious.  It made it kinda awkward when my mom wakes up and we’re watching as it seems a porno for about 20 minutes. hahah truly not our fault, it’s just a movie …so she left and continued ironing. the bf asked why i didn’t end up with the bestest and i claim to not want to be with an older crowed as of right then and there. he retaliated, i had to remind him that edward is 30 years old. & the fact that he hasn’t settled down yet, makes him quiver to the bones. he stated wanting to settle down in a few years. wink-wink we’ll see.

let’s compare our findings on a latter day.

we talked for about an hour, nothing big really, i just felt like i needed to unload some things that i’ve been wanting to tell him but never could. despite the fact that he had to go to work around the same time i have to go to church, i kept talking. i talked
and talked. until we had seconds 😀 and fell asleep.

Rate: 3 stars out of 5 *the night could’ve been better if we didn’t watched those many movies. but talked instead.

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