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believe me or not, this is probably my 4th or 5th try of blogging on Worpress.com. the first 2 tries were just to experiment, to see what WordPress had that Blogdrive didn’t. Well its obvious now that there are more perks to having WordPress, but because of Blogdrive being so user-friendly ..i was hooked. But shaking that off now …i need this blog to match my new aura.

So let me begin by Y i am here. Thinking out loud. Writing on a laptop that the best’ lent me. Well if you must know it is a New Year. 2008 have gone & went down as history –not in the making ..but merely a memory. Although to be honest there wasn’t much highlights worth mentioning. I did spend Texas during the New Year’s Eve etc. Celebrations of ’08. Hence not being here where my mom was, & not to mention my bf. I can’t deny the exhilaration i felt when i was away from the place i’ve been for the last -oh-i-don’t-know- 14 years. It was (as i Felt) a very spiritual time; full of reflection & reminiscence. I was for once, surrounded by cousins who were either established or was sure of what 2008 was going to be for them. Well that’s half the truth, but i feel as though things unravelled there, with the chosen few that i never really had any connection with until then. I miss those 7 days that my mind felt free to wonder, hope & dream. Some of the issues i’m dealing with now was sprung from those days ..hence, everything does happen for a reason.

2008 was full of procrastination and i’m definitely here on the 1st of January 2009 certain of many things that i could’ve accomplished back then when i didn’t work for 6 full months (not counting the part-time gigs of course). When i’ve written down a list of things that i wanted to accomplish but didn’t even come close. I was on a dL for most of 2008 & in celebration i chose to be alone. Usually people who are in a relationship,  would want to be with their significant other, whereever that may lead. But not me *this year, no not this year …when i didn’t get a chance to shape out what i wanted to do -accomplish- achieve in 2009. Omg, in looking back now i haven’t been spending New Year’s with my mom for the past 3 years. Yet we live under the same roof. wow this entry is going to be longer than i thought. & so it doesn’t stop there really.

the year that passed had nothing in it, i basically just watch it fly by with time. I can’t recall anything special …mmmk well there is a couple of major accomplishments; I graduated GBC.got a bit a’ office experience.& last and foremost i got a job in Market Research (which is up my alley*in terms of what i studied of course). Yeah, it is a big stepping stone & i’ve been there for 6+ months. I’m practically settled in that i am able to work from home with a VPN access, i get paid salary, & i finally get 2 weeks paid vacation. Not mentioning the health/dental benefits that they obviously take pride in 🙂

Yes that is something to be proud of…but…i was supposed to cut down smoking, lose weight, ummmm the rest i passed with flying colours. i bonded with friends this year ..my godchildrens are growing~ there’s so much to look back on that it’s hard to look forward. What should i look forward to? Maybe i can sleep it off for now. But before i Forget for next time…

2009 Lists of Needs&Wants

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